About Us

The Ontario Greenbelt Alliance is a watchdog and defender of Ontario’s innovative Greenbelt. Our vision is to make the Greenbelt a valuable and permanent part of Ontario’s landscape.

Our story

The Greenbelt Alliance was instrumental in establishing the Greenbelt in the lead up to 2005, growing it in the intervening years and making it the largest permanently protected Greenbelt in the world. Its members draw attention to the issues that are affecting the Greenbelt,  support communities and governments in their efforts to protect the Greenbelt for its natural and agricultural values, work together and share information on key regional issues.

We work to ensure that the integrity of Ontario's Greenbelt is not undermined by inappropriate development, poorly planned infrastructure, quarries, or other uses, while also advocating for increased protection of natural areas within the Greenbelt.

We work to grow support for an expanded the Greenbelt so that the benefits of its smart planning framework can be extended to adjacent areas that are under serious and unsustainable development pressure.

The Greenbelt is a living, growing system for sustaining a healthy environment and vibrant communities.

Steering Committee

The Ontario Greenbelt Alliance is coordinated by a Steering Committee of like-minded environmental organizations:

Anne Bell, Ontario Nature

Anne Bell, Ontario Nature

John Bacher, Preservation of Agricultural Lands Society

John Bacher, Preservation of Agricultural Lands Society

Tim Gray, Environmentaldefence.ca

Tim Gray
Environmental Defence

Lynda Lukasik, Environment Hamilton

Lynda Lukasik, Environment Hamilton

Kevin Thomason, Grand River Environmental Network

Kevin Thomason, Grand River Environment Network

Debbie Gordon, Save the Maskinonge

Franz Hartmann

Franz Hartmann, Steering Committee Coordinator

Margaret Prophet, Simcoe County Greenbelt Coalition


Contact us

To reach the Steering Committee, please email franzgreenbeltalliance@gmail.com.