My Green and Just Recovery Action West

The COVID crisis has made us truly appreciate protected natural spaces and farmland. Now imagine if more of this precious countryside was protected from unnecessary development. With your help, together with thousands of others across the Greater Golden Horseshoe, we can make this happen as part of the Province’s plans to recover from the COVID crisis. But first, we have to stop developers and land speculators who want the exact opposite: more sprawl.

Ask your Friends and Family to help
Stop Sprawl and Protect our Lands.

Take Action Now!

1. Spread the Word and Help Us Stop Sprawl and Protect our Lands!
Follow the Ontario Greenbelt Alliance on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Then, share our posts, and encourage your friends to do so as well.

2. Engage Your Friends and Help Build Community Support to Stop Sprawl and Protect our Lands and join the larger campaign to stop Sprawl and Grow the Greenbelt.

Email your friends. Cut and paste the sample text below into an email from your personal account. Then, attach a picture of your favourite natural space or farmland. Or, choose a picture, many from the Greenbelt, from the photo gallery below.

[Sample Text]
Subject Line: [You Decide - Make It Personal]

Dear Friends,
In the midst of all this darkness, I’m asking you to do something that should bring a smile to your face: Help me protect and expand more natural spaces and agricultural lands, like those protected by our local protections and east of us, by the Greenbelt. The COVID crisis has made me really appreciate their value. I’ve attached a picture of [one of my favourite spots/ land I want to see protected].

Natural lands are where nature can thrive, and where I meet friends, exercise, and stay sane by experiencing the beauty of nature. Agricultural lands are where our farmers grow the tasty local food we love so much. Now imagine if we had more protected natural spaces and agricultural land.

I need your help to better protect lands around us and help others who want more land added to the Greenbelt. Help me make this part of the Province’s plans to recover from the COVID crisis.

Unfortunately, many developers and land speculators want the exact opposite: more sprawl. They’re pushing municipalities and the province to build new highways and more gravel pits and allow sprawl-style homes, all to maximize their profits. If they succeed, we’ll have fewer natural spaces and agricultural land, and no new affordable housing while our commute times and taxes go up.

Help me spread the word by engaging your friends and build community support around the importance of stopping sprawl and protecting countryside lands. I'll get back to soon with details on how we are going to let our local elected officials know how important this issue is. Finally, I hope I can count on you to join me in spreading hope by stopping sprawl and protecting our precious lands.

Be well!

[Your name]

Photo Gallery

Consider attaching a picture you took of your favourite natural space or farmland. Or use one of the pictures here. Just put your cursor over the picture you want, right click and download it to your device. Then attach it to your email.