Looking for someone to speak at a conference, school or event on a Greenbelt-related topic?
Our members are based in local communities throughout the Greater Golden Horseshoe and can speak to a number of issues including sprawl, agriculture, conservation and public engagement.
To arrange an interview you may also contact: Stephanie Kohls Communications Director, Environmental Defence (416) 323-9521 x232
Contact Person
Region(s) of Focus
Area of expertise/experience
Federal lands in North Pickering
Raising awareness and advocacy about the preservation of land for food.
Greenbelt, Durham
Greenbelt issues, growing the greenbelt and growth in Durham region
416-208-0252 or 647-891-9550
Rouge and Duffin Watersheds, Toronto East
Rouge National Park, Pickering Airport Lands, Duffins Rouge Agricultural Preserve, YDSS Big Pipe and Markham Bypass
Best Environment for Streetsville/Sierra Club Peel/NICO
Peter Orphanos
647-680-5372 or 905-567-7425
Peel - Halton
Natural capital, Greenbelt and land use policy
Southern York Region
Planning, tree by-laws, significant woodlands, wildlife and endangered species, cultural heritage landscapes, heritage, archeology, light pollution, sewage, water and municipal infrastructure issues.
The Blue Mountain Watershed
Environmental health and integrity of Blue Mounntain watershed, aggregates
Gideon Foreman
Organic Farming
Graham Flint
Hamilton/Halton (border with Hamilton)
Aggregates (leading opposition to the first Greenfield quarry in the Natural Heritage System of the Greenbelt); source water protection, significant woodlands, species at risk, preservation of agricultural lands; farm viability; Hamilton's Rural Official Plan update and incorporation of the Greenbelt Plan and the GGH Growth Plan
Andrew McCammon
416 231 9484
ALL, but realistically those close to Toronto
Headwater protection; watershed management; Provincial Policy Statement; Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan
King Township
Land use planning for rural areas; Peaker plant opposition; OMB hearings for Big Pipe and other threats to the countryside and protection of the Oak Ridges Moraine.
York Region
Awareness-raising of the impact of toxic substances on the environment and on human health; environmental issues in York Region; healthy lifestyle alternatives; ecologically sound and sustainable solutions; orangic lawn care; ndusrial hemp (new project)
Farmland grab outside of the Greenbelt in Brant County
Farmland grab; conservation easements; growing the Greenbelt to include Brant County
Northern York Region and Southern Simcoe County, Lake Simcoe watershed
Urban sprawl; infrastructure projects and growth