The COVID crisis has made us truly appreciate natural spaces and farmland, like the Greenbelt. That’s where we go to meet and stay healthy and sane. And these lands provide us with fresh food and allow wildlife to thrive.

Now imagine if we had more natural spaces and farmland protected by the Greenbelt!

With your help, together with thousands of others across the Greater Golden Horseshoe, we can make this happen as part of the Province’s plans to recover from the COVID crisis.

But first, we have to stop developers and land speculators who want the exact opposite: more sprawl. They’re pushing municipalities and the Province to build new highways and new gravel pits and allow new sprawl-style homes, all to maximize their profits. If they succeed, we’ll have fewer natural spaces and farmland and no new affordable housing while our commute times and taxes go up.


Ontario Greenbelt Alliance

Did you know that Ontario has 2 million acres of protected farmland and green spaces surrounding the Greater Golden Horseshoe? It’s called the Greenbelt and it gives us clean water, healthy local food and $2.6 billion per year in ecological services.

We are the Ontario Greenbelt Alliance, the leading supporter of this world-renowned Greenbelt, and it is our vision to grow and strengthen the Greenbelt landscape to enable a future with clean water resources, thriving farms, local food sources, habitat for wildlife and trails for nature lovers. Ontario’s Greenbelt stops sprawl. It defines where not to grow and where to grow, providing certainty to plan communities in the smartest and most sustainable way possible.

The Greenbelt is a living, growing system for sustaining a healthy environment and vibrant communities.


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